Chicago: My Muse

I hate on Chicago a lot.  I complain about the weather, the dysfunctional public transportation, and the crowds that swarm the neighborhood surrounding Wrigley Field during Cubs games.  The Midwest is too flat for me and I’m totally lost without mountains to give me a sense of direction.  What can I say, I’m a Colorado girl through and through.  But despite my complaints and my disenchantment with the weather, I think Chicago is an amazing city.  It’s got one of the prettiest skylines I’ve seen in a big city, and the neighborhoods and full of life and just waiting to be explored.

Chicago’s hidden secrets are actually one of the reasons I started to become more interested in photography.  After upgrading my camera and taking a photography class last summer, I’ve been taking my camera out in the city on occasional photography outings, trying to improve my photography skills.  The city has been my muse, and it constantly motivates me to go shoot pictures and hone my skills.  So, thank you Chicago, for inspiring me and showing me how beautiful home can be.

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