About Me

Unfinished TravelerI’m a twenty-something graduate student in engineering, currently living in Chicago but constantly dreaming about being somewhere else.  I grew up in beautiful sunny Colorado, which instilled in me a lifelong love of the mountains.  My parents are from India, and some of my best childhood memories revolve around trips there to visit my family.  Getting to know another culture, another language, and another way of life taught me a lot about the world, and the memory of the feeling of awe and wonder associated with a new experience is what inspires me to travel and experience new cultures today.  I travel on a budget, and it is my quest to seek out delicious vegetarian cuisine wherever I go.  

I’m obsessed with tea, fruit, chocolate, crafts, and big cats.

 The Unfinished Travel Project is my ongoing travelogue of amusing stories, good vegetarian food, and  experiences around the world.  I invite you to join me on my next adventure!

 You can find me at unfinishedtravelproject@gmail.com.

18 responses to “About Me

  1. Travel, India and vegetarian food….three of my favourite things in the world. I will have to follow you and read more of your adventures. From an equally travel obsessed person, Cheryl

  2. Wow, we have quite a lot in common–photography, travel, being vegetarian, loving big cats and wishing we lived somewhere besides Chicago (preferably near the mountains!). I am looking forward to reading more of your adventures!

  3. Every summer, I forget why I am eager to leave Chicago because there is so much to do, but sometime in mid-fall when it starts to get cold and I realize that I’ll be living in my winter coat for at least the next 6 months, I start wishing I lived in the tropics or at least back in Colorado. I love the beautiful photography and writing on your blog; there’s no way mine can compare. 🙂 Thank for visiting!

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