April Adventure Summary

April 2015

The month of May is nearing an end, and I’m still mentally and virtually stuck in April.  I’ve been saying this a lot recently, but it’s just been one of those months.  School has been overwhelming, and it’s really made me wonder what on earth induced me to go to graduate school.  That discussion is a depressing one though, so I’ll say no more about it.

Instead, I’m going to tell you what I was up to in April!

There were no grand adventures in April, but I took advantage of the slightly warmer weather to take a couple of weekend trips to visit friends who live near Chicago.

First up was a trip to New Glarus Brewery in Wisconsin, followed by a night in Madison with friends.  I love New Glarus Brewery, and their beer is only sold in Wisconsin, so I made sure to stock up on my favorite fruit beers.  The brewery itself is a charming complex designed to look like a Swiss village, and the tastings are served up on a patio that is set amidst some “ruins”.

“Ruins” at New Glarus Brewery

Beer tasting

Beer tasting

Swiss village architecture

Swiss village architecture

Madison was lovely as well.  I never realized that Wisconsin is a beer destination, but there are some very nice breweries around Madison.  We spent our evening at Ale Asylum, digesting the delicious Korean food we’d had for dinner.

Having a beer at Ale Asylum

Having a beer at Ale Asylum

Later in April, I went to Michigan for the first time ever to visit friends in Ann Arbor.  We went to the farmers’ market, ate lots of delicious food, and generally had a good time.

Ann Arbor Farmers' Market

Ann Arbor Farmers’ Market

Sandwich at Zingerman's

Sandwich at Zingerman’s

On the drive, I discovered that Michigan has a wine region along the highway!  I was quite excited to see all of the signs on I-94 advertising vineyards, so we stopped off at one for a tasting.  Surprisingly, 12 Corners Vineyard had one of the best moscatos I’ve ever tasted.

Tasting at 12 Corners Vineyard

Tasting at 12 Corners Vineyard



Of course I bought a bottle to bring back, but I consumed within a week.  I’m already planning a return trip to Michigan during the summer that is focused solely on wine tasting.

Coming up in May: a Civil War-themed trip to Washington DC and my first trip to Canada!

Where did April take you?

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