Intricate Mughal Artwork

The one thing that really stood out to me during my visit to Delhi a couple years ago is how intricate Mughal architecture was.  From the beautiful marble inlays to the carvings on the walls at Fatehpur Sikri, it’s hard to imagine how many man-hours went into building their monuments.

8 responses to “Intricate Mughal Artwork

    • It’s Akbar’s “throne”! The column has carvings representing different groups of people to show that he is the ruler of the world. I highly recommend Fatehpur Sikri. The road to get there is kind of trafficky, but I liked it better than even the Taj Mahal.

    • Thank you! I had never thought about how much detail is in these buildings, but every inch is so carefully crafted that it’s hard to believe they were made by human hands.

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