March Adventure Summary

March 2015

March was all about recovery after working nearly 80 hours a week in February.  I spent the first few days of March in Panama, and I ended up getting sick as a result of my ill-fated hiking adventures.  Panama was still amazing though.  And, as a bonus, I got upgraded to first class on my flight back to Chicago.  This is the first time that’s happened, and I was quite excited!  I was, of course, the worst dressed and least classy person in first class.

In the middle of the month, I flew to Colorado for a weekend trip to see my family.  I spent most of my time eating and crocheting while hanging out with my family.

The cricket World Cup was happening in March, so I spent a lot of nights watching the matches.  Since the tournament was in Australia this year, most of the matches started in the evening here and stretched into the night.  I’m not ordinarily a big sports fan, but I love cricket, so I watched all of India’s matches.  Unfortunately, India lost to Australia in the semifinal, which was a depressing match, so I stopped being as interested at that point.

So, March wasn’t a particularly active month, but I got some work done and I got to relax.  Now that the weather is finally start to improve, I’m going to try to get out more in Chicago during the weekends.


Number of trips: 2 (Panama, Colorado)

Number of flights: 4

Number of bus trips: 0

Number of train trips: 0

Number of car trips: 0

Cities visited: 2 (Panama City, Denver)

Countries visited: 2 (Panama, United States)

Highlight of the month: Eating frozen yogurt in Panama City when I was nearly at the point of heat exhaustion

Fail of the month: Nearly getting hypothermia and heat exhaustion in Panama

Favorite photo: I love this shot of the Panama City skyline, taken from a region of the city known as Casco Viejo.  I’ve been experimenting a lot with my camera recently, and during this trip, I tried to work on changing the aperture to showcase the foreground or background.

Panama City Skyline

Panama City Skyline

Favorite food: When you’re tired and hot and mildly sunburnt, there’s nothing better than frozen yogurt, at least for me.  We stumbled on a Forever Yogurt store in Panama City while walking around Casco Viejo in the 90 F weather.  I typically avoid chain restaurants that I can find in the US while traveling, but there was no way I could pass this up.  I felt infinitely better after some frozen yogurt, though that may have more to do with being able to sit in the air conditioning for a while than the frozen yogurt itself.

Frozen yogurt at Forever Yogurt in Panama City

Frozen yogurt at Forever Yogurt in Panama City

April promises to be an interesting travel month, with a few local trips to visit friends in Wisconsin and Michigan.  Stay tuned for posts on Wisconsin beer and Michigan wine!

What were you up to in March?


4 responses to “March Adventure Summary

  1. I’d love to visit Panama, and that frozen yogurt looks so tasty! Also, so exciting that you were upgraded to first class. I’m always hopeful it will happen to me, but it never does, ha.

    • Panama is a really interesting place! Very modern in parts, but there’s still a little bit of Central America there too. Being upgraded was awesome, but now I’m addicted and want it to happen all the time!

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