Afloat in Iquique

I more or less stumbled onto the opportunity to go paragliding during my semester abroad in Chile.  I was with a friend on an adventure in the remote northern areas of the Atacama Desert.  On the way back to Santiago, we passed through the town of Iquique, which Lonely Planet called one of the best places in the world to go paragliding.  I blame it on boredom from several long bus and car rides, but I decided right then that I was going to go paragliding.  The view was magnificent, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t terrified almost to the point of wetting myself when I ran off the cliff with my pilot.  It was worth it though to be afloat over the town and be able to see the rugged landscape for miles.  Of course, because my life operates according to some warped sense of poetic justice for my poorly planned adventures, I crashed shortly after taking these photos.

In the air

In the air

View of Iquique

View of Iquique

Iquique and the ocean

Iquique and the ocean


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