Berlin Wall

A portion of the Berlin Wall can be found in the Newseum in Washington DC, one of the most fascinating museums I’ve seen.  The artwork on this segment of the Berlin Wall captures the struggles of residents of Berlin during the Cold War.

Portion of the Berlin Wall in the Newseum

Portion of the Berlin Wall in the Newseum


5 responses to “Berlin Wall

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    • There seem to be parts of the wall scattered around the world actually. I think the biggest portion is still in Berlin though. It’s a fascinating piece of history!

  2. Great post. I remember very well my first visit to Berlin ’85 and so many encounters with this wall. Living in Germany, I consider the fall of the wall as the greatest thing that has happened in my lifetime.

    • Thank you! I was very young when the Cold War ended and barely remember people talking about it, but it was certainly a great moment in history. I think it’s great that the pieces of the wall have been preserved in so many places so the world never forgets what it stands for.

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