November Adventure Summary

November 2014

November was a boring month in terms of travel.  Except for a trip home at the end of the month for Thanksgiving weekend, I didn’t leave Chicago.  Most of my time was spent working and preparing for some fun in December.

Flowers on Michigan Avenue

Flowers on Michigan Avenue

My friend came to visit at the beginning of November.  I hadn’t seen her since my semester abroad in Chile six years ago, so it was wonderful to see her again.  We did a walking tour of downtown Chicago and found some nice views of the city.

Navy Pier at night

Navy Pier at night

Chicago skyline at night

Chicago skyline at night

I also ran my first 15K race!  It was cold, and I felt like I should have trained harder, but I made it to the end.  Then, I promptly went out for celebratory Chicago style pizza and gained back all of the calories I had just burned.

A relaxing Thanksgiving weekend at home was just what I needed at the end of an intense month.  I hung out with my family and ate lots of delicious food, and now I’m back in Chicago for just a few days before I head out again for a conference.

Where did you go in November?


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