Picture of the week: Atomic Bomb Dome

When I went to Japan earlier this year, I knew I wanted to visit Hiroshima.  As such an important site in modern world history, I thought it would be fascinating to compare the Japanese side of the story with what I had learned in history class in the US.  I didn’t get what I was expecting in Hiroshima.  It is a beautiful city, one of the prettiest I saw in Japan.  In the center of the city, there is one building that looks out of place amidst the newer architecture.  It is a shell of a building that has preserved since 6 August 1945, one of the only buildings to survive the atomic bomb.  It has been preserved as a reminder of the destructive power of war.

Atomic bomb dome

Atomic bomb dome

4 responses to “Picture of the week: Atomic Bomb Dome

    • Thanks! It’s a fascinating place, especially seeing how everything has been rebuilt so beautifully! I thought the museum was very well done – it was haunting and it will stay with me for quite a long time.

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