Photo Challenge 1

I am addicted to trivia.  I could spend all day every day playing trivia in whatever form.  I especially love trivia about geography and travel, and I’ve spent hours in pursuits such as trying to learn all of the world capitals (though I have not yet been successful in actually learning all of them).

Because I love trivia, I’ve decided to make a little game.  Every so often, I will post a picture (or a series of pictures) from somewhere in the world without specifying its location.  It might be a city, a landmark, or something else notable.  See if you can guess where the picture was taken!

Today’s picture is a landmark.  Do you know the name of this place and the city in which it is located?  Once you have a guess, leave a comment below, and on Monday, I will share the answer!

Hint: It’s a temple

Photo Challenge 1


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